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Are you a beauty business owner who wants to earn SIX FIGURES and more in their business?

Whilst word of mouth is still a reliable way to grow your clientele, IT IS SLOW!
The quickest way to grow your business with high paying clients that are actually willing to pay for your services & take your recommendations is SOCIAL MEDIA!

How do I know this? 

Because I launched my business in February 2021 and come February 2022, I had officially hit the 6 figure mark!
All thanks to Instagram and my ability to market my business and pseudo sell  😉🙌


  • You know you should be posting regularly on social media, but you don't have a clear plan or strategy, so you just quickly post things before or after work and hope for the best
  • You spend hours working on one post & the caption only to get little to no engagement anyway
  • You feel like your just posting on social media for the sake of posting 
  • You struggle to engage your followers let alone grow your account with new ones
  • You have no idea how to convert followers into life long, loyal clients and you feel you are leaving money on the table 😢

Well, before you throw in the towel and invest in a social media manager that will cost you THOUSANDS per month and will also disappoint you with the results, why not join the Six Figure Content Club?

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There is no denying that social media can be a little bit of a mind maze at times. 
I've been where you are now and I've struggled with low engagement, zero growth and struggled to get my business name out there!

It's A LOT OF WORK! ðŸ¥µ
But it doesn't have to be!

social media marketing for beauty businesses
social media marketing for beauty businesses


🥳 You could save time trying to think up content ideas, batch creating posts & stressing over captions

🥳 You had social media templates along with CAPTIONS emailed to your inbox every single month ready for you to post straight into your Instagram

🥳 You also had a list of Instagram reel ideas (that could also be shared to tiktok) that didn't involve showing your face but were still 🔥🔥

🥳 You had access to a library filled with short tutorials that taught you powerful ways to market yourself outside of Instagram and even OFFLINE

🥳You could jump on a zoom call each month and plan out how you were going to market your next promotion, event or launch for massive success

JOIN NOW for $1 for the first month!

Here's What's included:

▶ Social Media Templates emailed to you each month as well as heaps of other templates all accessible inside the 'templates & resource' section
▶ Mini Marketing Tutorials 
uploaded each month into the library that will teach you on various topics around marketing, how to use Instagram, how to create reels and SO MUCH more! These are pre-recorded and can be accessed whenever you want

▶ Monthly Reel Ideas that don't involve showing your face, dancing or pointing and instead showcase your business and amazing services to attract new followers in!

▶ Monthly Zoom Calls if you ever want to jump on and learn about a new feature Instagram has launched, how to prep for upcoming hallmark events or get personalised marketing help for your business

▶ Access to the private Facebook Community which is the ultimate support system and a place to ask questions, share ideas & celebrate wins!

social media marketing for beauty businesses
social media marketing for beauty businesses
social media marketing for beauty businesses
social media marketing for beauty businesses

Who is this for?

The Six Figure Content Club is a monthly membership for smart & savvy beauty professionals a.k.a YOU!

Say GOODBYE to social media stress & burn out and hello to done for you content! 👋
Coupled with everything you need to learn about the foundations of social media ➡ client attraction strategies ➡ how to market yourself offline & strategies that will help you to grow your business!

Oh and did I mention you will also have access to DONE FOR YOU  social media content and captions relevant to the skin and beauty industry, that you can simply COPY & PASTE straight into your Instagram feed? Because that's also included 😍


$595 for 6 MONTHS

JOIN NOW for $1 for the first month!






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