Upgrade Your Skin Science Knowledge in 10 Days!

For the time poor skin therapist who is just starting to dip their toes into the world of skin science 😎

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Are you just starting out with skin and want to start learning more about skin science?

So..  you've just entered the beauty industry or maybe you've been here for a while and you're feeling like your knowledge and confidence around skin histology, skin concerns, dermatological disorders & skincare ingredients is lacking!

You LOVE treating the skin, waaay more than other treatments..

(except brows, we all love a good sculpt 😉)

BUT you don't feel like you have all the knowledge yet to confidently and passionately talk to your clients about their skin concerns and so you shy away from it and continue to stick to what you know!

You've attended COUNTLESS product & equipment trainings but find conflicting or bias information...
Not to mention the trainer explaining things in ways that are so complicated and difficult to understand!

To become a true skin expert, you don't need to go back to university anymore! 

However, you do need to:

  • Invest in training outside of product & brand trainings held by skin care companies
  • Do more than just follow educational accounts on Instagram
  • STOP doubting your experience that you already have from working with clients
  • Keep up to date with new studies, information & learnings within our ever evolving industry

Because if you don't, you won't excel and grow within the industry!

Upgrade My Skin Knowledge Now!
skin science course

Why Upgrade Your Skin Science Knowledge in 10 Days?

Firstly, we're all busy! 
However, you know you need to start learning about skin concerns and science so you can start treating skin in your salon or clinic.
Which is why I've created this program. 

In just 10 days you will learn about the most important topics such as acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation, pollution, diet & how hormones affect the skin and get a taster of how incredible the skin is and how important our role in skin health is! 

Upgrade Your Skin Science Knowledge in 10 Days is a ten part series that has been designed for you to work through at your own pace to help you become confident, knowledgeable & feed your inner skin nerd 🤓

Upgrade My Knowledge Now!

What's included:

  • Lifetime access to ten pre-recorded modules that will increase your knowledge on everything from skin histology basics, to gut skin connection and everything in between.
  • Printable Ingredient Glossary to help you remember those tricky ingredients
  • Printable Worksheet to help you with information retention
  • Daily Appointment Strategy Form to help you maximize your appointments and get client results faster
  • Certificate of Completion for you to include in your resumes or print off, frame & hang up inside your business
skin science education
skin science course reviews


skin science course reviews
skin science course reviews
skin science course reviews
skin science course reviews
skin science course reviews
skin science course reviews

Who is this for?

Upgrade your Skin Science Knowledge in 10 days is for any beauty therapist, skin therapist, estheticians, trainee or apprentices who are looking to offer more skin in their business or career and learn more about the science behind skin.
This is a great starter program for anyone new to my programs.

This program is pre-recorded meaning you get INSTANT and LIFETIME access upon purchase!



I'm Ready to Learn!






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