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How would you like to make an extra $25k in your business a year WITHOUT scrambling to find new clients? 😍

Whether you are a solopreneur or have a team of 8, client facing skin therapists and estheticians are the revenue generators in your business! And without revenue, you don't have a business!
On average if your business isn't growing in revenue 4-10% a year, then your business is slowly declining!

Queen of KPI's has been created for beauty business owners, beauty professionals & front desk staff who struggle to gain their clients commitment in the way of skincare & regular treatments by teaching you how to become a trusted expert and someone who your clients respect

The professional beauty industry has exploded in the past few years & as a result, has become extremely competitive! 
 In order to stand out, become known as the best & create a loyal database who love everything you do, you need to switch from hard selling tactics that are pushy and out-dated, to effortlessly serving your clients in a way that gains their trust and positions you as the expert!

⭐So, what exactly is a KPI? ⭐
A KPI is a key performance indicator and is something used to measure the success of different areas of your business. 

For example, rebookings, retail sales, upgrades etc! 
When you are wanting to grow your business, KPI's will help to give you a benchmark to work towards each day to achieve overall business growth!

What KPI's should I be striving for in my business? 

  • $130 per hour per staff member being made in your business 
  • At least 1 retail product sold per day per staff member 
  • Rebooking rate of at least 70%  

It's THAT simple! If you aren't meeting those KPI's, consistently, for every staff member, you are leaving money on the table!

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Why Queen of KPI's?

When you join Queen of KPI's, you aren't purchasing another course.. 

⭐ You are taking aligned action to help you achieve your career goals
⭐ You'll feel inspired and expanded by others within the program as we all learn from each others experiences
⭐You are entering a supportive environment, where you'll always be able to ask questions
⭐You'll get my exact protocols on how to maximise every opportunity!

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Here are the details:

Instant access to this pre-recorded module that you can watch and share with your team as you start to grow your business

During this masterclass we will be covering:

  • Serving Rather Than Selling
  • How To Lead With Education
  • Closing The Sale 
  • Rebooking & Client Retention
  • The Client Experience 


▶ Daily appointment planning worksheet to help you and your team plan each day out effortlessly! 

▶ Client Treatment Plan Worksheets for you to print and utilize during consultations with clients.
This will help you with rebooking & retailing. 

▶ Skin Concern flash Cards which you can print & laminate to use in clinic to aid you during the consultation process with clients.

 ▶ Audio recordings of each skin explanation to help you with explaining skin concerns during your consultation

It’s time to pair your knowledge of the skin and understanding of each skin concern with an seamless consultation process that actually works to help you have breakthrough success and help your clients achieve the results they truly want (without all the icky sales pitches 😉)

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Who is this for?

Queen of KPI's is for any beauty therapist, skin therapist, estheticians, trainee, apprentice or full teams anyone who works in a business that offers skin treatments and wants to improve how they consult, treatment plan, close sales & hit their KPI's!

This program is pre-recorded meaning you get INSTANT and LIFETIME access upon purchase!




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