Learn how to Explain Skin Concerns to your Clients LIKE A BOSS! 

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Imagine if you could Explain Skin Concerns with total confidence &
had scripts to help you along the way? 👌

The missing link between what you are doing now & your goal of being booked out, working less & truly helping people with their skin AND changing their lives in the process is:


If you truly want to be seen as a knowledgeable, skin therapist, who is confident in what they do, you need to be able to first, educate & explain the skin concern followed by, providing the solution!

If we fail to educate first, that's when clients feel like they are being hard sold too and often don't purchase our recommendations or rebook multiple treatments 😥

Which is why I've created my favourite resource ever that I believe can help everyone in the professional beauty industry  😉🙌

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • It's hard to find simple straight forward information that's to the point & you find lot of important information gets lost with long explanations & technical terms!
  • You lack confidence when it comes to explaining skin concerns to clients & often find yourself fumbling over your words and looking unprofessional 
  • You struggle to educate clients and are constantly battling the paid opinions of "influencers", therefore missing out on bookings and retail sales ALL THE TIME!
  • Consultations, product sales & rebookings aren't your biggest strength! You know you need to do this, but you struggle to gain your clients commitment 😥😥😥 

If this sounds like you, then keep scrolling down! 

Get This Training!
Explain Skin Concerns

know EXACTLY how to explain skin concerns to your clients

Here are the details:

This training is pre-recorded meaning you get instant access as soon as you sign up!

During this masterclass you will learn

  • The three things you need to explain to EVERY client
  • How to explain each skin concern in a way that's easy to understand
  • How to seamlessly provide solutions & essentially "sell" without really selling!  
Skin science training


▶ Skin Concern flash Cards which you can print & laminate to use in clinic that will seriously level up your ability to educate and your confidence!

▶ Scripts which are the typed version of what to say when using each card!
Use these as a cheat sheet whilst you develop your own way of explaining each concern!

It makes me SO EXCITED to be able to support this amazing industry and help others to become more successful using 1 simple tool!

Help Me Explain Skin Concerns!
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Imagine if you:

  • Could confidently explain your clients skin concern to them, in language you both understand, that positions you as a true skin expert!
  • Consistently sold products & treatment packages as a result of clients understanding their skin concern and seeing value in the solutions recommended!
  • Your clients looked to you as a respected & well educated professional who can truly help them with their skin concerns, rather than buying into the hype of influencer marketing 😉 

Well you can, because I've created a program that teaches you all this and MORE to propel you forward! 😍

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skin concerns training review
skin concerns training review

Who is this for?

Explain Skin Concerns LIKE A BOSS is for any beauty therapist, skin therapist, estheticians, trainee or apprentice or anyone who works in a business that offers skin treatments and wants to improve how they explain skin concerns to clients!

This program is pre-recorded meaning you get INSTANT and LIFETIME access upon purchase!


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Help Me Explain Skin Concerns!






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